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Kabota Compact Excavator

Digging isn’t easy, but renting the Kubota KX040-4 Compact Excavator will make it feel like it is. With 40.4 horsepower and a 5’ 10.9”-wide blade, the Kubota KX040-4 6-in-1 Blade is perfect for getting the job done. Kubota’s hydraulic 6-in-1 Blade can be angled right and left, and now, tilted as well. This blade enables six different positions: neutral, float up, left-end-up, right-end-up, left end-forward and right-end-forward. This feature makes leveling and backfilling work incredibly easy, even on inclines and uneven terrain, making you more productive and more efficient. 

The 6–in-1 blade is a true productivity enhancer, and operation is now even more rewarding. Blade up, down, and float functions are the same as the previous model. Operate the rocker switch on top of the blade control to tilt the blade 10° up or down, and simply twist the control handle to angle the blade 25° left or right. Command all six functions simultaneously for more convenient control of landscaping, shaping, and backfilling jobs.

More information about the KX040-4 can be found on Kubota’s website

KX040-4 Spec Sheet

KX040-4 Brochure

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